Elisabeth interviews Janie and Josepha about the Basic Course in English.

What is The Basic Course?

The first three days of the The Ten-Day Course is The Basic Course. Here, you will learn about and experience three transformational tools : Setting Intent (Intention Dialogue), Emotional Clearing and Latihan (Inner Guidance Practice).

What is it for?

The Basic Course gives participants a complete functional and foundational system for making and embracing change, from the inside out. It is for anyone and everyone who wants to empower their intentions and live an authentically expressed life.

Setting Intention (Intention Dialogue) is for discovering what you truly, truly want and stating it clearly. This is for focusing the mind in the NOW.

Emotional Clearing is a way to access stuck or blocked emotions that are unexpressed. Authentic emotional expression aligns us with our body and our personal creative power, NOW. You will learn how to transform the emotions of anger, fear and sadness, and be given a model of how energy flows through your being.

Latihan (Inner Guidance Practice) is an exercise for allowing your internal wisdom and natural intelligence to speak through your body, NOW. Your inner teacher, your guidance, your soul is available and reliable and can be trusted as a partner in your empowerment.

For who is this course?

There are so many possibilities with this work. The course is for anyone who wants to awaken and experience themselves in a new way, and anyone who wants to create changes or have or experience something in life that they really truly want. This course is also really wonderful for making a new, empowering relationship to your emotional energy. All who enroll in the Ten-Day Course need to take the basic course. It will be offered in English and German.

What's special about the course?

You have all that you need to be, do, have an experience of self, life and relating that you really want. It is you that decides the direction of your own experience by setting an intention. The tools provided are simple and useful and you can easily integrate them into your life.