What's your name?

My name is Elisabeth Wimmer. In the past 5 years I gave courses using the name "Elle". Today I

am very glad when people call me "Elisabeth". "Elle" is still a name I like. But sometimes I simply don't hear that one

anymore. So, if you want to make sure that I listen, address me by the name my mother thought of for me.

Incidentally she was inspired by a story from Astrid Lindgren!


What's your passion?


I burn for accompanying and inspiring people to consciously create
the life that really corresponds to who they are. We are all here for something. Noone fell on Earth

randomly. To discover, unfold, expand that... accompanying these processes, that's what I burn for, dive for, fly for, dig for, die for, laugh for, cry for, eat for, sleep for, live for... yes, that's what I love! That's what I love, freely.

​What is your defined role in the Ten Day Course?

In the Ten Day Course I am the initiator of the whole show, leader of the festival,

the heart, the kidney and the thymus gland, the ringmaster, the lion mom, the soul of the Ten Day Course

but above all: the humble and devoted companion having the back of these wonderful, beautiful, genious women who help me bring my vision of the "Ten Day Course" into existence.

And I will guide the Dream Meditation and the Field Research.