Field Research

What is it?

I, Elisabeth, will give you a task that you can carry out in your own rhythm and in your own way on Monday. You will probably be drawn to nature for that. Or into your bed or the land of dreams. Everything is possible.

We meet in the morning, so I can tell you what it's all about and then we decide at which time we will all meet again to share our experience/research results.

What is it for?

To investigate on your own what it feels like to be "in flow". Can you voluntarily create that state now? What do you need for that? What challenges will you encounter?

Who is it for?

For everyone who is up to play and do research in a fun way! Children are more than welcome to join!

What's special about the course?

Since this course is about "flow", the guidelines are very loose. Yet we will still have a structure because we agree on our exact meeting times. You are cordially invited to join this wonderful experience of flow. And, if you want to float totally freely (not take any other courses) after the first Basic Course on Monday it is possible to do that as well.