Guided Dream Meditation

with Elisabeth



















What is it?

It is what it is: A guided dream meditation. I will guide you through a path, YOUR path.
There will be many symbols that you create, your own personal ones. You just follow

along as far as you want and you can also follow other paths. As always in life:
You walk your very own path.

What is it for?

Inspiration, interpreting symbols for yourself in your very own way. Intuitive dream interpretation is an exercise that can also be used as a preliminary exercise for channelling. Or it can be "just" a nice relaxation. Much more interesting than watching TV! Your dreams might become more colorful in the succeeding nights. Maybe you will even be able to consciously create them. (Lucid dreaming)

Who is it for?

This hour is simply for everyone who feels like it. Children are very welcome to join! And who falls asleep will be covered softly and can continue sleeping.

What's special about the course?

It takes about one to one hour and a half and it will be offered in German one night and the next one in English. It is an introspection, as if your just letting your eyes gaze into space. This is a very natural state that everyone will know for sure.

This is guided "daydreaming". As I said before, if you want you can leave the instructed path at any time and go on your very own journey. I am simply here to inspire, you will do the dreaming yourself.


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