KINDERKRAM  - space for children

With Princess Emese from Hungary and Priska Teresa Unsinn 

What is it?

This is the room where we take care of your children and childrens’ children ;-) during the time you are in the course.  


For what is it?

We create this space for all parents so that they can attend the courses. During the courses, we take care of their children and offer them an open space for games, arts-and-crafts, play, etc. 

For whom?

Every child between ages 0 and 13 is welcome. 


What is special about this course?

We think that every single child, in his and her own way, brings magnificent presence and lots of wonderful creativity to this world. We are there to support them and create together a comfortable area for kids of all ages.

An audobook for the ride:

Das Drachentreffen (in German) to download