This course forms part two of the basics of our tools.

We will explore your Ego, your self worth, your ability to receive and give with joy.


Prosperity plays a role in financial issues as well as in health, your job or calling and your living situation. It is also central in (romantic) relationships and connection with others.

Give your Ego a new structure, so that it serves you - not the other way around. Prosperity means balance between shortage and abundance. Recognize your value!  

The Prosperity Course provides a collection of tools that have been gathered and developed over many years.


The contents of the course are:

  • Giving and Receiving

  • Living a meaningful life: Do you love how and why you live?

  • Self-Worth/Self-Value and transformation of your Ego

  • Clearing shame and feelings of guilt

  • Your calling

  • ‘Service to Others’ versus ‘Service to Self’  

  • more time, more money, more sex, restorative sleep - simply doing what you love...

Frida, Sandra and Priska adjust their courses to the individual needs of the participants.
We are looking forward to supporting you in your prosperity!