Evolutionary Sexuality 

mit Janie

Dieser Kurs wird auf Englisch gehalten.

What is Evolutionary Sexuality?

Evolutionary Sexuality: Changing, Expanding and Deepening the experience of SEX.



What is it for?


At the core of your sexuality is life-sustaining, creative and healing energy. We call this sexual or orgasmic energy. In this course we will explore this energy and how to use it for empowerment, wellness and creating deeper intimacy with yourself, your partner (s) and with Life. And, of course, how to have better and more intimate sex. 

Over the course of 2 1/2 days, we will share:

  • The Art of Adoration and Appreciation of Sensuality and the Physical Body

  • Working with emotional energy and sexuality; bringing deep emotional sharing into sexuality

  • Boundaries and Consent; saying authentic YES and authentic NO

  • Giving and Receiving 

  • How to use the tools of Intention, Emotional Clearing and Latihan (shared in the basic course) inside sexual sharing (Tantrahan)


Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to know, accept and embrace their sexual energy. It is for anyone who wants to create a new relationship with SEX. And for anyone who wants to have better SEX!  You can take this course with or without a partner. YES, YOU CAN TAKE IT SOLO!

What's special about the course?

There are three very special features of this course: 


* Learning how to use sexual energy for personal transformation, greater awareness and whole-body pleasure.


* Moving from a "tension-based" experience of sexuality to an "relaxation-based" experience of sexuality.


* Learning how to "move energy" during sexual sharing (with yourself, or with a partner), and transforming emotional blocks for deeper self-love, body-love and intimacy with self and partner.​​

Important: you do not have to take your clothes off during this course. Nudity is NOT required! You can work with sexual energy without taking your clothes off or having physical sex.