archery with Sandra

Foto Pfeil und Bogen Weiz - Die Kellerra

What is it?

Intuitive archery without visors.

You bring the arrow into the target simply by using your body intuition

- intuitively without technique.

What is it for?

(Laotse) The experience of unity of journey and destination.

Who is it for?

This is for you if you want to unify silence and body intuition.

I will give you a small intro with my voice, show you the moves and hand out sheets.

Then we will practice in absolute silence.

Followed by small breaks with spoken exchange, again followed

by silence and communication via eye contact and body language.

What's special about the course?

This experience creates calmness,

you will breathe consciously and hold your breath for a moment.
This creates freedom of thought because you give

all your attention to your body.

Delicate movements lead to union with bow and arrow.


Warning: Potential for addiction! "3D-Bogenparcours" offer

an experience for the whole family on the mountain, in the woods for

two to four hours and is also for you if you like it sporty. In Austria there are many

associations and possibilities to practice (more information here: