What is your name? Who are you right now?

I am a child of the universe. In me there is a universe

of possibilities. Just like Michelangelo's unfinished sculpture

I am never done. Life is a journey, not a destination.
I am versatile and have the courage and motivation to make

a raw diamond shine. I like myself the way I am, laugh about myself, cry with
myself, I am straightforward, firy, loving, playful and passionate. My
name is Sandra Anita Pirker.

What is your passion?

My heart beats for change. I support you in
manifesting your intentions, desires, dreams and goals.
My constant in life is change. Through change I evolve, new branches sprout

and I grow. I share my immediate experience with you

because that's what makes me happy and gives life and fire to my actions.

What is your defined role in the Ten Day Course?

I am part of a wonderful team. I show you how you can connect
your logical side with your inclination towards magic. I can dream

and still do precise science. I am the versatile one, the

servant in various shapes. With my joy, my fire
I can get you going, cheer you on, am lively and sensitive at the same time and
I like giving myself a loving kick in the butt.

I speak in a straightforward manner - the way I grew up,
most times with a Styrian accent.

I show you the experience of oneness of journey and goal.

Playfully, intuitively handling the Bow and Arrow  just by following

your body. I make you go ahaaaaaaaa and ooooooooh and whoaaaaaa

on your way to your individual true prosperity and play with your children.
I am efficient in body work in the Bodyhan Day. In the 4 Steps of Creation, I show you

how you can create the world that you love in 4 steps by supporting others in fulfilling their dreams.

That's me, Sandra Anita.