Silly Dancing / "Deppats Daunzn"

...with Emese

Because: It simply is fun. The body enjoys it a lot and incidentally it is also a great workout.

Running, swimming - you can forget about all the boring stuff.

Silly Dancing gives you everything you need.

What is it?

Silly Dancing is a dance class where it's all about giving yourself full permission to act silly.

What is it for?

To understand that it's okay to be silly and maybe also look foolish. 

Moreover, we understand that it doesn't matter what we look like because it is fun and brings joy.

Who is it for?

For people who like to dance and for people who think they can't dance.

What's special about the course?

Here, we consciously empower ourselves to not-be-cool. We reclaim our body and our expression! It's not about what we look like dancing but how we're feeling!