On Course with Tantrahan    

March 6th - March 10th 2020


With Elisabeth (Elle) and her team


Sexuality is an almost infinite field.

Just like in all other areas in your life, in sexuality it is about finding YOUR very own expression. From moment to moment. 


We have incarnated into a time where there is a lot of confusion and manipulation.

Who lives from their true core cannot be manipulated any more.

Who acts from their own light and doesn't adapt to trick lights on the outside is strong, happy and free from within.

We want strong, happy and free people. 

Create the life you really love by loving who you really are. Yes, in ALL areas of your life.


This is an invitation, a call to more true strength and freedom from within YOURself.


For everyone who has already participated in a Basic Course - this is an heartfelt invitation to be “on course with Tantrahan”.

Place: At the “Oaze” in Hungary


Date: 6th of March to 10th of March 2020


Guided by: Elisabeth (Elle) and her team


Price: 390 

Plus five days of food and accomodation 345


Association members only pay for food and accommodation


For people who are interested in the course but have not participated in a Basic Course yet: There is a Basic Course in Graz on the weekend from the 28th of February to the 1st of March 2020.


There is space for questions like:


What is the difference between male and female sexuality within myself?

What happens when they are connect with each other?

What does “giving” and “receiving” in sexuality have to do with other areas of my life?

Why is it so hard to be in Latihan with your own partner?

Why can it be so hard to bring Latihan into sexuality?

How can I / we have better sex?

What is different in relation to Tantrahan in a polyamorous relationship?

What is different in relation to Tantrahan in a homosexual relationship?

What if I am without partner and want to experience Latihan / Tantrahan with myself?

Can I watch porn during Tantrahan?

What is the difference between setting boundaries and being aligned and what is more effective?

How can I create a sexual relationship in which I am 100 % happy and am I allowed to really receive that now?

What can I do when there are sexual injuries that keep me from experiencing pleasure?

What can I do when there are other old emotional injuries that appear during sex?

What does my birth have to do with my sexuality?

How can I support my partner when they move through emotional processes within sexuality?

Is it allowed that I feel fine during that process or can it even be beautiful for me?

Can I enjoy that?

In these 5 days there will be a space to go very deep. Still, if this is a wish, there will be no sexual contact or any other physical contact. The course is about learning and inspiring and for you to integrate that into YOUR life after the course. 


This course is not for people who fly from one workshop to the next! If you attend a lot of courses PLEASE make sure that there is a break between this course and other courses of at least one month before and after the course. Give yourself time to integrate and don’t fly to the next input straightaway! Thank you! 


An exception is the Basic Course in Graz. It is recommended, even, as a preparation for the Tantrahan Course.

Registration closes on March 1st, 2020.

You are registered as soon as you have transferred the course fee to our association's bank account:

Mahamudra Latihanzentrum

IBAN: AT13 2081 5000 4148 4668


Please pay for housing and food in cash at the venue.

In case you have to/want to cancel, we will transfer 50 % of the fee back to you until February 14th.

Afterwards we will keep 100% and give the paid spot as a scholarship

for the next Tantrahan Course to somebody who asks for it.


If there are still questions standing between you and your registration, please write to us:


 or call: 

 +43 699 10302978


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